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Impact of M2 and Commercial Bank’s Lending on Economic Growth

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RESEARCH BOOK: Money growth causes inflation is one of the oldest phenomenons in economics and traditionally the supply of money has been regarded as an exogenous. There are some other factors which determining money growth in the long run and also determining whether this money growth is inflationary or not. This book is based on research objective by using research methodology. The book aims to analyze the impact of money supply growth rate and commercial banks’ lending on economic growth of Pakistan by using Auto Regressive Distributed Lag bound testing technique and Error Correction Model for long run and short run, respectively. The book emphasizes on background motivation, significance and objective of the research problem. Chapter 2 of the book provides a brief overview of Pakistan economy. Chapter 3 of the book provides a brief review of literature and chapter 4 explains methodology and data source. Empirical results are discussed in chapter 5 and in the last conclusion and policy implications are discussed.

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