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DOI: 10.1093/bjsopen/zrab003 SemanticScholar ID: 235094060

Surgical cognitive simulation improves real-world surgical performance: randomized study

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Abstract Background Despite the acknowledgement of human factors, application of psychological methods by surgeons to improve surgical performance is sparse. This may reflect the paucity of evidence that would help surgeons to use psychological techniques effectively. There is a need for novel approaches to see how cognitive training might be used to address these challenges. Methods Surgical trainees were divided into intervention and control groups. The intervention group received training in surgical cognitive simulation (SCS) and was asked to apply the techniques while working in operating theatres. Both groups underwent procedure-based assessment based on the UK and Ireland Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme (ISCP) before the training and 4 months afterwards. Subjective evaluations of SCS application were obtained from the intervention group participants. Results Among 21 participants in the study, there was a statistically significant improvement in 11 of 16 procedure-based assessment domains (P < 0.050) as well as a statistically significant mean reduction in time to complete the procedure in the intervention group (–15.98 versus –1.14 min; P = 0.024). Subjectively, the intervention group experienced various benefits with SCS, especially in preoperative preparedness, intraoperative focus, and overall performance. Conclusion SCS training has a statistically significant impact in improving surgical performance. Subjective feedback suggests that surgeons are able to apply it in practice. SCS may prove a vital adjunct for skill acquisition in surgical training.

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