16/05/2017 Education Psychology
DOI: 10.1080/10888438.2017.1318393 SemanticScholar ID: 148683320 MAG: 2614658905

Reading Intervention for Poor Readers at the Transition to Secondary School

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ABSTRACT This study evaluated two 20-week reading interventions for pupils entering secondary school with reading difficulties. The interventions were delivered by trained teaching assistants (three 35-min sessions per week). 287 pupils (ages 11–13) from 27 schools were randomly allocated to three groups: reading intervention (targeting word recognition and decoding skills), reading intervention plus comprehension, or a waiting list control group. Neither intervention produced statistically significant gains in word reading but the reading intervention plus comprehension intervention produced significant gains in reading comprehension (d = 0.29) and vocabulary (d = 0.34). Further evaluations of methods to improve word reading in this population are needed.

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Dr. Paula Clarke

University of Leeds - Associate Professor in Psychological Approaches to Childhood and Inclusive Education

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