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A Better Way to Teach Basic Surgical Skills? A Randomized Control Trial Examining the Effect of an E-Textbook and the Reverse Classroom on Basic Surgical Skills Teaching

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Aims: To try to improve the teaching of basic surgical skills, we developed an e-textbook and employed a novel pedagogy (the reverse classroom) and compared this to traditional teaching methods. Methods: A single-blinded, randomized control study was conducted to com-pare an iPad based e-textbook, coupled with a face to face teaching session; to a face to face teaching session alone. The intervention group had access to the e-textbook before, during and after a face to face teaching session. The control group only received a face to face teaching session. The same educational materials were used for each group. Participants were recorded tying knots immediately following the teaching session and one week later. Performance was assessed by a blinded examiner using the previously validated Objective Structured Assessment of Technical Skills. Results: The intervention group required significantly less time to perform the knot-tying task in the classroom (p = 0⋅02). Immediately following the teaching session, there was no difference between the control and intervention group at assessment of knot tying (p = 0⋅272). However, after one week, the intervention group performed significantly better than control participants (p=0⋅037). Conclusions: The use of an e-textbook and the reverse classroom was shown to be both more efficient and pervasive at teaching basic knot tying skills than traditional face to face teaching sessions alone. This method of curriculum delivery could easily be expanded to other areas, with significant benefits to the education of students.

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