24/09/2016 Computer Science
DOI: 10.1145/2968220.2968238 SemanticScholar ID: 1588081 MAG: 2511304995

Bus Lines Explorer: Interactive Exploration of Public Transportation Data

Publication Summary

Public transportation movement data provide a wealth of information and insights into many aspects of urban life and human behavior. However, huge amounts of raw data, coupled with incomplete or inconsistent records, may turn into an obstacle for the effective use of the available information. The need for effective movement data analysis has resulted in a large number of visual analytics tools and specialized views. There are still many challenges in public transportation and other kinds of cyclic movement data analysis. In this paper we address some of those challenges by presenting an improvement of the standard map view. This improved view is specifically designed to simplify and make the visual analysis of complex movement data easier to perform, especially when integrated in a coordinated multiple views tool and articulated together with other techniques. We illustrate the effectiveness of the view on public transportation data from Bahía Blanca, Argentina.

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Dr. Mai Elshehaly

City, University of London - Lecturer in Computer Science

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