Lecturer in Computer Science

City, University of London

Dr. Mai Elshehaly

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Mai is a Lecturer in Computer Science at the giCentre. Her research focuses on the role of visualisation in democratising access to and engagement with data by non-technical users. She has particular interests in how the lived experience of these stakeholders can inform visualisation design. Mai received her PhD in Visualisation from the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech in 2015. Before coming to City, she held a NSF-funded postdoctoral fellowship at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, a NIHR-funded research fellowship at the University of Leeds, and a lectureship at the University of Bradford. She is a University of Bradford Honorary Senior Research Fellow, member of the scientific advisory board at the Wolfson Centre for Applied Health Research, member of the NIHR-funded Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Research Collaboratory, and sits on the Steering Group for CAER.

Fun fact about Mai

Mai has taught and researched Computer Science in three different continents. She never stuck around in one place for as long as she’s lived in (and loved) Yorkshire.

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