01/12/2020 Medicine
DOI: 10.1136/archdischild-2018-316612 SemanticScholar ID: 96434006 MAG: 2930776330

Long lines and atypical anatomy

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A 780 g twin was born at 26 weeks gestation. Following surfactant, oxygen saturations were maintained with continuous positive airway pressure. Umbilical lines were inserted. Five days later, a 1 French long line was peripherally inserted, for ongoing parenteral nutrition. 1. Name items a–e on figure 1. Are their positions acceptable? 2. How might arterial and venous lines be differentiated? 1. Blood gas. 2. Colour/flow of blood on cannulation. 3. Flow of contrast from the line tip. 4. Radiograph. 3. Which of these are possible diagnoses? 1. Dextrocardia. 2. Dextrocardia situs inversus totalis. 3. Tetralogy of Fallot. 4. Dextroposition. Answers can be found on page 02. 1. Name items a–e on figure 1. Are their positions acceptable? 1. Peripherally inserted long line: uncertain position. A left-sided long line should cross the midline to enter the superior vena cava (SVC). 2. Umbilical arterial catheter (UAC): acceptable position. UACs lie on the left side of the …

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