15/02/2006 Computer Science Linguistics Psychology
DOI: 10.1075/LALD.39 SemanticScholar ID: 60262754 MAG: 605062177

Paths of development in L1 and L2 acquisition : in honor of Bonnie D. Schwartz

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1. List of contributors 2. Introduction (by Unsworth, Sharon) 3. The acquisition of voice and transitivity alternations in Greek as native and second language (by Tsimpli, Ianthi Maria) 4. Do root infinitives ever have an overt subject in child French? (by De Cat, Cecile) 5. The roots of syntax and how they grow: Organic grammar, the basic variety and processability theory (by Vainikka, Anne) 6. Neuter gender and interface vulnerability in child L2/2L1 Dutch (by Hulk, Aafke) 7. The development of PATHS: Spatial complexity and the multiple predicate strategy (by Stringer, David) 8. More evidence on the knowledge of unaccusativity in L2 Japanese (by Hirakawa, Makiko) 9. What transfers? (by Whong, Melinda) 10. Full transfer full access: A processing-oriented interpretation (by Sharwood Smith, Michael) 11. Name index 12. Subject Index

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Dr. Sharon Unsworth

Radboud University - Associate Professor in the Department of Language and Communication and the Department of Modern Languages

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