01/01/2006 Biology Psychology
DOI: 10.1007/0-387-28287-4 SemanticScholar ID: 227202342 MAG: 1549249397

Motor Control and Learning

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Control of Movement and Posture.- The Nature of Voluntary Control of Motor Actions.- Plans for Grasping Objects.- Adherence and Postural Control: A Biomechanical Analysis of Transient Push Efforts.- Control of Rhythmic Action.- Trajectory Formation in Timed Repetitive Movements.- Stability and Variability in Skilled Rhythmic Action-A Dynamical Analysis of Rhythmic Ball Bouncing.- The Distinctions Between State, Parameter and Graph Dynamics in Sensorimotor Control and Coordination.- Motor Learning and Neural Plasticity.- Stabilization of Old and New Postural Patterns in Standing Humans.- The Role of the Motor Cortex in Motor Learning.- Feedback Remapping and the Cortical Control of Movement.- How Cerebral and Cerebellar Plasticities May Cooperate During Arm Reaching Movement Learning: A Neural Network Model.- Motor Performance and Regional Brain Metabolism of Four Spontaneous Murine Mutations with Degeneration of the Cerebellar Cortex.- Development and Aging.- Development and Motor Control: From the First Step on.- Changes in Finger Coordination and Hand Function with Advanced Age.

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