01/06/1993 Psychology
DOI: 10.1177/154079699301800204 SemanticScholar ID: 144526220 MAG: 2031180004

National Expert Validation of COACH: Congruence with Exemplary Practice and Suggestions for Improvement

Publication Summary

The content and social validity of an educational planning tool named COACH (Choosing Options and Accommodations for Children) were explored through two studies. Study 1 presents questionnaire feedback from six groups of experts (N = 78) in the field of deaf-blindness and multiple disabilities regarding the purpose, philosophy, content, process, and presentation of COACH. Study 2 presents social validation feedback from parents whose children are deaf-blind and have multiple disabilities regarding a set of valued life outcomes included in COACH. The combined results of these studies provide initial validation that COACH is congruent with exemplary practice and offer consumer-based suggestions for its potential improvement.

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Dr. Ruth Dennis

City Of Bradford Metropolitan District Council - Principal Educational Psychologist

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