27/09/2017 Education Political Science
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-73204-6_2 SemanticScholar ID: 169873527 MAG: 2791896106

The Digital University Agreen U How to Build an Innovative Knowledge Sharing and Learning Project in Agribiosciences? Case Study

Publication Summary

The Agronomic, Veterinary and Forestry Institute of France (Agreenium), representing eighteen French public research and higher education institutions in Agribiosciences decided to create a unique portal to the digital university in Agribiosciences, agreen U (https://agreenium.fr/u/accueil). Its objective is to encourage digital education in this sector to accompany the evolution of teaching practices but also contribute to the strengthening of the international visibility of French research and higher agricultural and veterinary education, and to develop the international attractiveness of the French training offer in the scope of Agribiosciences. The paper explores the identification of functional specifications necessary to attract learners in a such e-learning ecosystem by an international comparative analysis of fifteen universities and institutes and their online courses offers. The paper concludes that we can propose a framework of the functional specifications dedicated of an e-learning project.

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