01/05/1999 Engineering Environmental Science
DOI: 10.1080/096132199369499 SemanticScholar ID: 110639788 MAG: 2134472971

Is solar air conditioning feasible

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This paper examines the feasibility of desiccant cooling in UK climates, using gas-solar hybrid technology for regeneration. Desiccant cooling is a heat driven system. It has potential to reduce energy costs and environmental pollution, when compared with conventional vapour compression systems. The regeneration of the desiccant can be provided by any low temperature warm air or water source including waste heat, CHP, gas or solar. Heat recovery is also available. Gaia Research worked with Napier University to develop computer codes for the simulation of solar energy collection and hot water delivery to drive the desiccant cooling system, based on real meteorological data. A solar desiccant computer model was developed with the University of Leeds which analysed the energy consumption and costs associated with desiccant cooling using meteorological data for an inner London site in 1994. The study demonstrates that coupling the desiccant system to solar collectors produces significant savings in both runni...

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