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Pulpal status of hypomineralized permanent molars.

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PURPOSE Young patients with hypomineralized teeth frequently complain of symptoms suggestive of dentin hypersensitivity. It has been proposed that these symptoms may be exacerbated by an underlying pulpal inflammation. The purpose of the study was to determine the pulpal status of hypomineralized teeth. METHODS The experimental material comprised 25 sound and 19 hypomineralized permanent first molars obtained from children requiring dental extractions under general anesthesia. Pulp sections were processed for indirect immunofluorescence using combinations of: (1) protein gene product 9.5; (2) leukocyte common antigen; and (3) Ulex europaeus I lectin. Image analysis was then used to determine the percentage area of staining of each label. RESULTS Innervation density was significantly greater in the pulp horn and subodontoblastic region of hypomineralized teeth than in sound teeth. Immune cells were most abundant within pulps of hypomineralized teeth exhibiting enamel loss. Vascularity was found to be similar for both hypomineralized and sound teeth, but was significantly greater in hypersensitive hypomineralized samples. CONCLUSION This study provides biological evidence that inflammatory changes may be present within the pulpal tissue of these teeth.

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