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Peripheries : syntactic edges and their effects

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Contributing Authors.- Acknowledgments.- 1. Core Questions about the Edge D. Adger, C. de Cat. 2. On The Left And On The Right R. Cann, R. Kempson, L. Marten, M. Otsuka, D. Swinburne. 3. The Left Periphery In Hungarian: Towards A Phase-Based Account B. Suranyi. 4. Unspecified Categories As The Key To Root Constructions J. Emonds. 5. Peripheral Effects Without Peripheral Syntax: The Left Periphery In Korean G. Tsoulas, Kook-Hee Gill. 6. Japanese Scrambling In A Comparative Perspective M. Saito. 7. Left Or Right? A View From The Kwa Peripheral Positions E. Olade Aboh. 8. Cross-Linguistic Word Order Variation At The Left Periphery: The Case Of Object First Main Clauses C. Platzack. 9. DP Periphery and Clausal Periphery: Possessor Doubling In West Flemish L. Haegeman. 10. SubMove: Towards A Unified Account Of Scrambling And D-Linking C. Boeckx, K. Grohmann. 11. On the Edge P. Svenonius. 12. Clausal Edges And Their Effects On Scope K. Johnson. 13. Edge Coordinations: Focus And Conjunction Reduction V. Bianchi, R. Zamparelli. 14. Broad Subjects And Clitic Left Dislocation T. Alexopoulou, E. Doron, C. Heycock. 15. Acquiring The Left Periphery Of The Modern Greek DP T. Marinis. 16. Early Peripheries In The Absence Of C B. Plunkett. Bibliography.- Index

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