16/12/2003 Economics Political Science
DOI: 10.4324/9780203609040 SemanticScholar ID: 152976352 MAG: 563547431

Schools, Markets and Choice Policies

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Part 1: Introduction to the debates 1. Markets in public policy: the case of school composition 2. Introducing two debates about markets in education Part 2: School choice and equity 3. What is social segregation and how do we measure it? 4. Changes in the social composition of schools Part 3: School choice and standards 5. What is school performance and how do we measure it? 6. Describing trends in school performance Part 4: Explanation and case studies 7. The role of geography 8. The impact of school organisation 9. The role of the LEA 10. Market frustration for families and schools? 11. Re-appraising the impact of markets

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