2007 Linguistics Psychology
DOI: 10.5007/%X SemanticScholar ID: 56313020 MAG: 610096273

Linguistic and figurative patterns in natural Language data

Publication Summary

The analysis of corpus data can reveal features of language use not available to unaided intuition. At the detailed level of collocation and lexical grammar, corpus data show features that are apparently specific to literal uses of words and to different types of non-literal uses, such as metaphor and metonymy. These patterns are mainly consistent with categories developed by cognitive linguists. However, there are some more detailed features that are not explained by cognitive theory. These include the proliferation of semi-fixed collocations, speakers’ apparent acceptance of ambiguity, and the very specific evaluative meanings associated with many non-literal uses.

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Prof. Alice Deignan

University of Leeds - Professor of Applied Linguistics

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