20/02/2017 Mathematics
DOI: 10.1002/fld.4277 SemanticScholar ID: 73682935 MAG: 2507555249

On parallel pre‐conditioners for pressure Poisson equation in LES of complex geometry flows

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This paper presents an assessment of fast parallel pre‐conditioners for numerical solution of the pressure Poisson equation arising in large eddy simulation of turbulent incompressible flows. Focus is primarily on the pre‐conditioners suitable for domain decomposition based parallel implementation of finite volume solver on non‐uniform structured Cartesian grids. Bi‐conjugate gradient stabilized method has been adopted as the Krylov solver for the linear algebraic system resulting from the discretization of the pressure Poisson equation. We explore the performance of multigrid pre‐conditioner for the non‐uniform grid and compare its performance with additive Schwarz pre‐conditioner, Jacobi and SOR(k) pre‐conditioners. Numerical experiments have been performed to assess the suitability of these pre‐conditioners for a wide range of non‐uniformity (stretching) of the grid in the context of large eddy simulation of a typical flow problem. It is seen that the multigrid preconditioner shows the best performance. Further, the SOR(k) preconditioner emerges as the next best alternative. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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Dr. Eldad Avital

Queen Mary University of London - Reader in Computational (& Experimental) Fluids and Acoustics

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