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DOI: 10.3390/fluids7070210 SemanticScholar ID: 249972511

Magnetohydrodynamics Solver for a Two-Phase Free Surface Flow Developed in OpenFOAM

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A magnetohydrodynamics solver (“mhdCompressibleInterFoam”) has been developed for a compressible two-phase flow with a free surface by extending “compressibleInterFoam” solver within OpenFOAM suite. The primary goal is to develop a tool to simulate compression of magnetic fields in vacuum and simplified magnetized plasma targets by imploding rotating liquid metal liners in the context of a Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) concept in pursuit by General Fusion Inc. At present, the solver is limited to axisymmetric problems and the magnetic field evolution is solved in terms of toroidal field component and poloidal flux functions. The solver has been validated and verified using a number of test cases for which analytical or other numerical solutions are provided. Those tests cases include: (i) compression of toroidal and poloidal magnetic fields in vacuum and cylindrical geometry, (ii) axisymmetric annular Hartmann flow, and (iii) compression of magnetized target initialized with a Grad–Shafranov equilibrium state in a cylindrical geometry. A methodology to incorporate conductive solid regions into simulation has also been developed. Capability of the code is demonstrated by simulating a complex case of compressing a magnetized target, which is injected during implosion of a rotating liquid metal liner with an initially soaked poloidal magnetic field. An application of the solver to simulate compression of a magnetized target in a geometry and parameters relevant to the Fusion Demonstration Plant (FDP) being developed by General Fusion Inc. is also demonstrated.

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Dr. Eldad Avital

Queen Mary University of London - Reader in Computational (& Experimental) Fluids and Acoustics

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