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Pilot study report 2020 : Assessing Early Years Schooling, Access and Student Outcomes (AESAS) : establishing routes for sustainable education in Pakistan and India.

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AESAS project is an opportunity for us to investigate the importance and function of school in children’s lives in the two largest regions of Punjab, Pakistan and State of Gujarat, India. AESAS is a comparative study of children’s learning outcomes in the 3.5 to 6 years of age. We are assessing children in this study regardless of their school enrolment status so that we can compare the learning levels of children who attended early years of formal education with those who have had no chance of attending formal education. This comparison will carefully match children based on their family socioeconomic status, family size, parental education, access to schools and regional characteristics. The analysis of these factors will give us an indication of differences among children and their learning patterns and how much early years of education can determine children’s readiness to attend formal school.

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