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Ruptures or Adjustments between Agricultural Practices and Teaching these Practices

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Pest reduction management policy affects farmers, but also teachers of agricultural schools. They face controversial, particularly in classrooms, among the children of farmers. We focus here on learning related to the aim of the reduction of inputs, as learning object, and the debates as a learning process. Mobilizing multidisciplinary research (agronomy, teaching, sociology), this paper focus on three questions : the controversial debates as a learning opportunity ; the effects of the structures, the division of labor, the coordination of actors in redefining / appropriation by the actors of the vocational agricultural training system ; the interaction “on the plot” beetween farmers/student as a conceptualisation moment. We are interested in ruptures or gradual adjustments of standards and practices experienced by teachers, tutors and students.

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Prof. Philippe Prévost

University of Tours - Professor of linguistics

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