01/01/2010 Education Sociology
DOI: 10.1057/9780230277335_8 SemanticScholar ID: 152058392 MAG: 2496032956

The Notions of Justice Used by Different Groups of Pupils

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Chapter 7 looked at pupils’ experiences and their judgements about equity in terms of their country of residence. Here we look at some of the same issues in more detail in terms of possible indicators of disadvantage, such as immigration or family socioeconomic status. The chapter works towards a clearer understanding of the criteria of justice used by pupils in practice and appropriate to a variety of settings (see Chapter 5), and of the likely social, familial and educational determinants of those criteria. The ensuing model is then tested in Chapter 10. As in Chapter 7, we supplement the questionnaire results with a selection of open-ended and face-to-face comments provided by young people either on their forms or in discussion afterwards.

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