10/01/2013 Medicine Psychology
DOI: 10.1080/17523281.2012.660981 SemanticScholar ID: 72021004 MAG: 2052899522

Depression, anxiety and comorbid substance use: association patterns in outpatient addictions treatment

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Depression and anxiety disorders commonly coexist with drug and alcohol use. Several general population surveys suggest non-linear associations between alcohol and depression symptoms. It is unclear whether such association patterns occur in clinical samples and in the context of poly-substance use. The aim of the study was to investigate the association patterns between substance use and common mental disorder (CMD) severity. Patients accessing a UK outpatient addictions service were recruited sequentially via routine treatment contacts. Psychiatric diagnosis and severity of symptoms were established using the revised clinical interview schedule (CIS-R) structured diagnostic interview; yielding WHO ICD-10 diagnoses for CMD. Data on substance use patterns in the last month and severity of dependence were collected using standardised measures. ANOVA and multivariate regression models were employed to investigate associations between CMD symptom severity and substance use patterns. The results of the multiv...

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