01/09/2016 Medicine
DOI: 10.1016/j.jhin.2016.05.003 SemanticScholar ID: 206148609 MAG: 2741881912

Relationship between healthcare worker surface contacts, care type and hand hygiene: an observational study in a single-bed hospital ward.

Publication Summary

This study quantifies the relationship between hand hygiene and the frequency with which healthcare workers (HCWs) touch surfaces in patient rooms. Surface contacts and hand hygiene were recorded in a single-bed UK hospital ward for six care types. Surface contacts often formed non-random patterns, but hygiene before or after patient contact depends significantly on care type (P=0.001). The likelihood of hygiene correlated with the number of surface contacts (95% confidence interval 1.1–5.8, P=0.002), but not with time spent in the room. This highlights that a potential subconscious need for hand hygiene may have developed in HCWs, which may support and help focus future hygiene education programmes.

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