10/10/2013 Sociology
DOI: 10.1007/S11618-013-0412-2 SemanticScholar ID: 15370659 MAG: 1481388547

Eating Christmas cookies, whole-wheat bread and frozen chicken in the kindergarten: doing pedagogy by other means

Publication Summary

The study presented here explores eating as a pedagogical practice by paying attention to arrangements of things such as Christmas cookies, whole-wheat and white bread, frozen chicken, plates, chairs, tables, and freezers. Through a series of ethnographic research examples from German and Brazilian preschools, it investigates how eating in the kindergarten can be a sensual pleasure, a health risk, an ethnic custom, or a civil right within different local histories. Through specific arrangements of foods and other things, young children are educated to eat with moderation, to change their ethnic dietary habits, or to be “modern citizens”. Pedagogy can thus consist of doing public health, doing ethnic identity, or doing citizenship. Eating is an important way of doing pedagogy in early childhood education and care settings.

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Prof. Michalis Kontopodis

University of Leeds - Chair in Global Childhood and Youth Studies

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