01/01/1999 Biology
DOI: 10.1037//1076-898x.5.1.35 SemanticScholar ID: 44819679

Vertical Gaze Direction and Postural Adjustment : An Extension of the Heuer Model

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The authors provide a consideration of the vergence system and suggest an extension of the original model proposed by H. Heuer, M. Drawer, T. Romer, H. Kroger, and H. Knapp (1991) to explain why preferred vertical gaze angle is downward when fixating proximal targets. The practical implication of the revised model is that heterophoria (open-loop vergence bias) provides an indication of potential vergence effort. The extended model has several advantages: It allows for modification of workstations, is consistent with models of the accommodation and vergence system, is compatible with clinical data, and provides a more complete explanation of extant research data. The extended model was able to predict oculomotor responses, explain postural adjustments, and provide economically useful data.

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Prof. Mark Mon-Williams

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