20/10/2020 Psychology
DOI: 10.31219/osf.io/nry2s SemanticScholar ID: 242551341

A Review of questionnaires quantifying bilingual experience in children: Do we document the same constructs?

Publication Summary

Questionnaires documenting children’s bilingual experience have been used frequently in research on language and cognitive development. However, there has been little investigation of the comparability between these tools. In this review, we (i) provide a list of available questionnaires used to quantify bilingual experience in children; (ii) identify the components of bilingual experience documented across questionnaires; and (iii) discuss the comparability of the measures used to operationalise these components. In doing so, we review 48 questionnaires and identify 32 overarching constructs, manifested as 194 components, and we calculate the frequency with which they are documented. Finally, by focusing on a subset of overarching constructs (language exposure and use, activities, and current language skills), we observe high variability in their operalisations across the tools. These findings highlight the need for greater transparency in how we document bilingualism and for more comparable measures.

CAER Authors

Avatar Image for Draško Kašćelan

Dr. Draško Kašćelan

University of Leeds - Post-doctoral Research Assistant

Avatar Image for Philippe Prévost

Prof. Philippe Prévost

University of Tours - Professor of linguistics

Avatar Image for Ludovica Serratrice

Prof. Ludovica Serratrice

Reading University - Professor of multilingualism

Avatar Image for Laurie Tuller

Prof. Laurie Tuller

Universite de Tours - Professor of Linguistics

Avatar Image for Sharon Unsworth

Dr. Sharon Unsworth

Radboud University - Associate Professor in the Department of Language and Communication and the Department of Modern Languages

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