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A survey in a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals : professionals ’ point of view on the psychosocial approach in cancer care

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Background/Aims: Patients struggle with psychological distress and feelings of isolation following the completion of cancer treatment. A group programme aimed to reduce psychological distress and facilitate adjustment to survivorship through peer support and psycho-education. Methods: A closed group programme of 2-h sessions for 6 weeks was offered to cancer patients who had completed treatment within the previous 6 months. Recruitment was through self-referral following publicity around the hospital. A collaborative agenda included sexuality, relationships, stress and fatigue. Sessions were facilitated by a counsellor, mental health nurse and OT with guest speakers. The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale was administered at weeks 1 and 6 with follow-up for groups 1–4 between 3 and 16 months later. A qualitative questionnaire was completed at week 6. Results: Seven groups over a 26-month period were attended by a total of 45 participants. Twenty-seven participants completed all 6 weeks. Group mean Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale scores (cut off 8/21) for anxiety were 9.33 pre and 6.74 post (28% reduction) and for depression 8.37 pre and 6.0 post (28% reduction). Both anxiety and depression scores had significantly reduced (p≤0.001). Scores weremaintained on follow-up of groups 1–4 for completed questionnaires with a response rate of 33%. Qualitative themes identified that patients value peer support and psycho-educational topics generate more discussion and opportunity for group cohesion. Conclusion: Results indicate that a peer group intervention using psycho-education was beneficial in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Further work is required reasons for non-completion.

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