01/09/2016 Medicine Psychology
DOI: 10.1016/j.jalz.2016.03.014 SemanticScholar ID: 3626824 MAG: 2346507822

The validity of the Memory Alteration Test and the Test Your Memory test for community-based identification of amnestic mild cognitive impairment

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Abstract Introduction This study investigated the validity of two brief cognitive tests (Memory Alteration Test [M@T] and Test Your Memory [TYM] test) for identifying people with aMCI in the community. Methods Older people were invited to participate by their general practitioner practice. Eligible participants were assessed for aMCI using an operationalized approach to the Petersen criteria and the M@T and TYM. Results Both tests demonstrated significant ability in discriminating between people with aMCI and controls (AUC = 0.91 for M@T and 0.80 for TYM [ P Discussion M@T and TYM are quick to administer. M@T demonstrated higher diagnostic test accuracy than TYM and could provide an efficient method for identifying aMCI in clinical and research settings.

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