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Race and ethnicity : comparative and theoretical approaches

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List of Contributors. Preface. Acknoweldgments. Introduction: Race Against Time: The Ethnic Divide in the Twentieth Century: John Stone and Rutledge Dennis. Part I: Setting the Agenda: Du Bois, Weber and Park:. Introduction to Part I. 1 W.E.B. Du Bois and Double Consciousness: Rutledge Dennis. 2 Max Weber on Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism: John Stone. 3 R.E. Parka s Approach to Race and Ethnic Relations: Barbara Ballis Lal. Part II: Emerging Theoretical Perspectives:. Introduction to Part II. 4 Rethinking Ethnicity: Identity, Categorization and Power: Richard Jenkins. 5 Culture and Ethnic Conflict in the New World Disorder: Kevin Avruch. 6 Postindustrialism, Postmodernism and Ethnic Conflict: Anthony H. Richmond. Part III: The Diversity of Ethnic Patterns:. Introduction to Part III. 7 Skin Color, Race and Racism in Nicaragua: Roger Lancaster. 8 The Verzuiling Puzzle: Understanding Dutch Intergroup Relations: Thomas F. Pettigrew and Roel W. Meertens. 9 The Discourse of Race in Modern China: Frank Dikotter. Part IV: Conflicting Ethnonational Claims:. Introduction to Part IV. 10 Beyond Reason: The Nature of the Ethnonational Bond: Walker Connor. 11 Nationalism and Modernity: Anthony D. Smith. 12 Northern Ireland and the Liabilities of Liberalism: John McGarry and Brendan Oa Leary. Part V: Violence, Genocide and War:. Introduction to Part V. 13 Rioting Across Continental Divides: Beth Roy. 14 Burundi: Ethnic Conflict and Genocide: Rene Lemarchand. 15 The Creation and Dissolution of the Multi--national State: The Case of Yugoslavia: Dusko Sekulic. Part VI: Migration in a Transnational World:. Introduction to Part VI. 16 Assimilation and its Discontents: Ruben G. Rumbaut. 17 Transnational Communities: Peggy Levitt. 18 Blood, Sweat and Mahjong: Ellen Oxfeld. Part VII: Boundaries, Citizenship and Identity:. Introduction to Part VII. 19 Toward a Postnational Model of Membership: Yasemin Soysal. 20 The Transformation of Miami: Alejandro Portes and Alex Stepick. 21 Russia and the Russian Diasporas: Igor Zevelev. Part VIII: The Policy Debate: Levelling the Playing Field:. Introduction to Part VIII. 22 The Shape of the River: William G. Bowen and Derek Bok. 23 Ethnic Economies and Affirmative Action: Daniel J. Monti. 24 Multicultural Citizenship in Germany: Christian Joppke. Part IX: Toward Ethnic and Racial Justice?. Introduction to Part IX. 25 The Politics of Recognition: Charles Taylor. 26 Reconciliation without Justice: Heribert Adam and Kogila Moodley. 27 The International Defence of Racial Equality: Michael Banton. Index.

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