01/02/1999 Education Sociology
DOI: 10.1080/13632439969320 SemanticScholar ID: 154677775 MAG: 2056194321

‘Well. That about wraps it up for school choice research’: A state of the art review

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This article describes some of the progress that has been made in researching the policy, process and impact of parental choice of schools. It concentrates on choice of a secondary school in the UK since 1988, although reference is also made to research from further afield where particularly relevant. Choice can be considered from many points of view, including society, school, parent and child. These different perspectives have produced fascinating insights, along with some intellectual tensions, which this article attempts to capture. However, it seems that researchers may now be ready to leave the field of school choice and move on to pastures new. This may therefore be an appropriate time to summarise what we know, and what else needs to be known.

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