26/02/2004 Computer Science Linguistics
DOI: 10.1075/LALD.32 SemanticScholar ID: 60249946 MAG: 589499071

The acquisition of French in different contexts : focus on functional categories

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1. List of contributors 2. Functional categories in the acquisition of French (by Paradis, Johanne) 3. I. L1 and SLI 4. Functional categories and the acquisition of distance quantification (by Labelle, Marie) 5. Apparent non-nominative subjects in L1 French (by De Cat, Cecile) 6. Comparing L2 and SLI grammars in child French: Focus on DP (by Paradis, Johanne) 7. Comparing the development of the nominal and the verbal functional domain in French Language Impairment (by Hamann, Cornelia) 8. II. SLA and bilingualism 9. On the L2/bilingual acquisition of French by two young children with different source languages (by Belletti, Adriana) 10. Explaining the acquisition and non-acquisition of determiner-noun gender concord in French and Spanish (by Hawkins, Roger) 11. Functional categories and the acquisition of object clitics in L2 French (by Herschensohn, Julia) 12. The acquisition of the French DP in a bilingual context (by Hulk, Aafke) 13. Null-arguments in bilingual children: French topics (by Muller, Natascha) 14. The semantic and aspectual properties of child L2 root infinitives (by Prevost, Philippe) 15. Cliticisation in the acquisition of French as L1 and L2 (by Granfeldt, Jonas) 16. Name index 17. Subject index

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