01/12/2006 Business Psychology
DOI: 10.1111/j.1743-498X.2006.00117.x SemanticScholar ID: 72789589 MAG: 2055883790

How to introduce students to the new learning environment: induction to medical school

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Theimportanceofproperinductioninto a new environment, whetheras a student or an employee, isincreasingly being recognised asimportant if students are to makethe most of their learning oppor-tunities, or employees to beeffective in their jobs. An exami-nation of any effective organisa-tion will show that induction ofstaff is taken seriously. Theimportance of induction in highereducation was recognised formallybytheQualityAssuranceAgencyinits subject review programme.

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Dr. Jonathan Darling

University of Leeds - Clinical Associate Professor in Paediatrics and Child Health and Medical Education

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