01/10/2006 Medicine
DOI: 10.1111/J.1600-9657.2006.00438.X SemanticScholar ID: 25699729 MAG: 2046715062

The role for ‘reminders’ in dental traumatology: 4. The use of a computer database for recording dento-alveolar trauma in comparison to unstructured and structured paper-based methods.

Publication Summary

–  The aims of this study were to investigate the effectiveness of a computer database (CD) developed for this study, a plain paper unstructured history (USH) and structured histories (SH) for the recording of important prognostic factors for simulated dento-alveolar trauma. Twelve vocational trainees, seven postgraduates in paediatric dentistry and 24 general dental practioners were randomly assigned to using USH, SH or CD. Each dentist visited a series of simulated trauma cases (with models, photos, radiographs and actors) and was asked to record important prognostic factors for each injury and make a diagnosis. There were a total of 243 dentist contacts with the trauma stations. The average percentage of important prognostic factors recorded per station was: USH 53%, SH 75.3% and CD 58.6%. SH was significantly better than the other two methods (P < 0.001, anova). Interestingly, those general dental practitioners (GDPs) who qualified prior to 1990 were significantly poorer at recording important prognostic information using CD. This effect was not obvious when using USH and SH. It was also seen that USH and SH were significantly better at helping clinicians reach a correct diagnosis as compared with CD (P < 0.001, chi-squared). A paper-based SH was the most effective method for collecting essential prognostic information for simulated trauma cases used in this study. At present, the introduction of our CD for recording of trauma is not justified without significant modification.

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