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Associations between daily sitting time and the clustering of Lifestyle risk factors in men

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Background: Understanding the reciprocal role that multiple problematic behaviours play in men’s health is important for intervention delivery and the healthcare burden. Data regarding the concurrence of problematic health behaviours is currently limited but offers insights into risk profiles, and should now include total time spent sitting/day. Methods: 730 men aged ≥18 years engaged a programme of men’s health promotion delivered by 16 English Premier League Clubs and self reported data on a number of health and lifestyle behaviours. Results: Men at risk due to sitting display multiple lifestyle risk factors at the same time, 88.6% displayed at least 2 ancillary risk factors and were three times more likely to report ≥2 lifestyle risk factors (OR=3.13, 95% CI=1.52-6.42) than those at low risk due to sitting. Significant differences in the mean number of risk factors reported between those participants in the higher risk (2.43 ±0.90) and lower risk (2.13 ±0.96) sitting categories were found (p=0.015). Conclusions: Hard-to-reach men displayed multiple problematic concurrent behaviours, strongly linked to total sitting time.

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