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Christian Bunting

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Christian’s passion for education spans a number of years in senior roles, formerly as a school leader, as a Partnership Board member for the Bradford Opportunity Area, and currently as board member of the Bradford Priority Education Investment Area. Based at St Edmund's Nursery School in Bradford, he has led the development of Bradford Birth to 19 from inception, building a collaborative alliance of 150 schools, together with the Public Health, community, university research and local government sectors. Christian's team leads the nationally-rolled out 50 Things initiative, which has offers for children aged from birth to five, and more recently for children aged five to 11 years. St Edmund's also leads the DfE's Early Years Stronger Practice Hub, and the Bradford Birth to 19 SCITT.

Fun fact about Christian

Christian is an enthusiastic cook, who loves market shopping around the world. His passion is baking bread, which he finds very therapeutic - he enjoys the results too!

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