06/12/2016 Linguistics Psychology
DOI: 10.5334/JOPD.28 SemanticScholar ID: 54639093 MAG: 2559975968

Relative Meaning Frequencies for 100 Homonyms: British eDom Norms

Publication Summary

This data set contains British-English ratings of meaning frequencies for 100 homonyms, i.e., words with multiple unrelated meanings (e.g., “money/river bank”). The homonyms were carefully selected based on linguistic principles, dictionary entries, and subjective ratings, and were validated for future studies examining meaning-frequency effects on homonym processing. Meaning frequencies were rated by 100 native British-English speakers (living throughout the UK) using the eDom norming procedure. The norms are available at http://osf.io/7k3eh/ .

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Dr. Ekaterini Klepousniotou

University of Leeds - Associate Professor

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