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PLATOON: Premature Loss of bAby Teeth and its impact On Orthodontic Need – protocol

Publication Summary

Objective: To investigate the impact of premature extraction of primary teeth (PEPT) on orthodontic treatment need in a cohort of children participating in the Born in Bradford (BiB) longitudinal birth cohort. Design: Observational, cross-sectional cohort. Participants: We aim to recruit 1000 children aged 7–11 years: 500 with a history of PEPT and 500 matched non-PEPT controls. Methods: After informed consent/assent, orthodontic records will be collected, including extra and intra-oral photographs and alginate impressions for study models. Participants will also complete a measure of oral health-related quality of life (COHIP-SF 19). The records will be used to quantify space loss, identify other occlusal anomalies and assess orthodontic treatment need using the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need. For each outcome, summary statistics will be calculated and the data for children with and without PEPT compared. The records of the children identified to be in need of orthodontic treatment will be examined by an expert orthodontic panel to judge if this treatment should be undertaken at the time of the records or delayed until the early permanent dentition. Collecting robust records in the mixed dentition provides the clinical basis to link each stage of the causal chain and enable the impact of PEPT on orthodontic need to be characterised. This study is the first to provide the foundations for future longitudinal data collection allowing the long-term impact of PEPT to be studied.

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Prof. Rosie McEachan

Bradford Institute for Health Research - Born in Bradford Director

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Dr. Peter Day

University of Leeds - Professor and Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry

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