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DOI: 10.1080/24733938.2021.1898667 SemanticScholar ID: 233622822 MAG: 3138947128

A video analysis framework for the rugby league tackle

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ABSTRACT Rugby league tackle video analysis research typically uses technical criteria from coaching cues or tackle variables from rugby union. As such, content validity and relevance could be questioned. A video analysis framework that establishes appropriate variables for rugby league is therefore required. The study aimed to adopt a 5-stage process to establish a video analysis framework for the rugby league tackle, which was content valid, relevant and reliable. The 5-stage process included 1) creation of draft video analysis framework, using available rugby tackle research, 2) expert group recruitment and critique, 3) refinement of framework to establish content validity, 4) response process validity task and agreement within expert group, 5) intra- and inter-reliability testing using Kappa statistics. The agreed framework comprised six phases including; tackle event, defensive start point, pre-contact, initial contact, post-contact and play-the-ball. Within the identified phases, 63 variables were established. The intra- and inter-reliability testing resulted in strong agreement within all phases. The video analysis framework can be used in rugby league tackle research, categorising complex tackle events, such as injurious or optimal tackles, improving both player welfare and performance. The application of the framework to future rugby league research will increase coherence and usefulness of research findings.

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