13/04/2021 Medicine
DOI: 10.1177/00369330211008594 SemanticScholar ID: 233223756

Capturing the non-technical skills of a technical skills trainer (NTS-TeST) during simulation

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Objective To develop an assessment instrument that can be used as a comprehensive feedback record to convey to a trainer the non-technical aspects of skill acquisition and training. Methods The instrument was developed across three rounds. In Round 1, 6 endourological consultants undertook a modified Delphi process. Round 2 included 10 trainers who assessed each question’s relevance and practicability. Round 3 involved a pilot study with fifteen urology residents who participated in a technical skills simulation session with the incorporation of the instrument. We report the content, face, and construct validity, and the internal consistency of an NTS instrument for trainers. Results The instrument had a consistent and a high positive average for each of the 4 sections of the instrument, regardless of the type of user. Positive Spearman’s correlation coefficients (0.02 to .64) for content validity and Cronbach’s alpha (a = 0.70) indicated good validity and moderate reliability of the instrument. Conclusion We propose a novel NTS instrument for trainers during a simulation. This instrument can be used for benchmarking the quality of technical skills simulation training.

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