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Final evaluation of the Niger Health Sector Support Grant and the Niger Family Health and Demography Project.

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The final evaluations of the Niger Health Sector Support Grant (NHSSG) and the Niger Family Health and Demography Project (NFHDP) were conducted from August 9 to September 10 1995 by a seven-person team assisted by four Nigerien counterparts. The team conceived of the evaluation as a forward-looking exercise and focused on recommendations for the future. One reason for this approach was the wealth of evaluative material already developed on the projects themselves and on the strengths and weaknesses of Nigerien health systems. A second was the need to provide guidance to the new Niger Population and Health Sector Support Project (NPHSS) for which a contract will be awarded shortly. Achievement of the goals of the two projects has been mixed. The NHSSG especially the portion funded with nonproject assistance (NPA) was slow to develop due to expectations that were unrealistic and poorly understood. A mid-course correction reduced the number of policy reform objectives and clarified them; this helped achieve some successes. These successes included the development of a national health information system as well as nascent systems for cost recovery and cost containment in hospitals other health facilities and drug distribution. It furthered the debate on a national population policy and contributed to the process of decentralization of health services management. (excerpt)

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