01/10/1995 Art Computer Science Medicine
DOI: 10.1016/0042-6989(95)00018-U SemanticScholar ID: 13981422 MAG: 2761378989

Natural problems for stereoscopic depth perception in virtual environments

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The use of virtual reality (VR) display systems has escalated over the last 5 yr and may have consequences for those working within vision research. This paper provides a brief review of the literature pertaining to the representation of depth in stereoscopic VR displays. Specific attention is paid to the response of the accommodation system with its cross-links to vergence eye movements, and to the spatial errors that arise when portraying three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional window. It is suggested that these factors prevent large depth intervals of three-dimensional visual space being rendered with integrity through dual two-dimensional arrays.

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Prof. Mark Mon-Williams

University of Leeds - Chair in Cognitive Psychology

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