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Overcoming the challenges of involving older people with dementia , hearing and vision problems in research – sharing learning and future progress

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s from the NIHR INVOLVE Conference 2017 London, UK. 28 November 2017 O2 Learning from Other Fields: can arts based approaches improve the diversity of involvement? Delia Muir ([email protected]) Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK Research Involvement and Engagement 2017, 3(Suppl 1):O2 Aims During this presentation we will share learning from a Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellowship. We will present examples of artsbased public involvement activities, including a sculpture project with young people and a play about dementia. We aim to raise awareness of what public involvement can gain from the arts; stimulate discussion about the pros and cons of different approaches; and discuss how to encourage more creativity within public involvement. Why is it important and to whom? Public involvement has been criticised for a lack of diversity and inclusivity. By diversifying the involvement activities which we offer, we may attract a wider variety of people. Arts based activities also have the potential to facilitate discussion in an accessible, safe and fun way. This session may be of particular interest to people who are planning or facilitating public involvement activities (members of the public and researchers). What difference has, or could, this project make? Throughout the project, both researchers and members of the public have found arts activities stimulating and useful. However people have encountered some practical challenges when running these projects. Specifically, people do not feel they have the necessary skills to plan and facilitate arts activities. I will discuss how we might address that skills gap and invite the audience to suggest what support is needed. What will people take away from session? An understanding of what arts/health collaborations can offer public involvement Access to resources and contacts to support future projects

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