01/12/1997 Medicine Psychology
DOI: 10.1007/s002210050246 SemanticScholar ID: 6171018 MAG: 2022747308

Looking at the task in hand: vergence eye movements and perceived size

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A retinal afterimage of the hand changes size when the same unseen hand is moved backwards and forwards in darkness. We demonstrate that arm movements per se are not sufficient to cause a size change and that vergence eye movements are a necessary and sufficient condition for the presence of the illusory size change. We review previous literature to illustrate that changing limb position in the dark alters vergence angle and we explain the illusion via this mechanism. A discussion is provided on why altering limb position causes a change in vergence and we speculate on the underlying mechanisms.

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Prof. Mark Mon-Williams

University of Leeds - Chair in Cognitive Psychology

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