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Electronic Developmental Support Tool (EDST)

School Type: Primary Year Groups: 1
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January to July 2024

· All staff members will be offered training around neurodiversity, neurodevelopmental conditions (known as ‘disorders’ in medicine) and how to make your school more neurodiverse friendly.

· Teachers will be provided with guidance on how to structure conversations with parents around identifying and supporting their child’s needs.

· You will be given access to a tool that empowers teachers and SENCOs to recognise and meet children’s needs sooner and more effectively.

· Bradford Council’s team of Educational Psychologists will support your school in developing Learning and Support Plans for children identified via the EDST as those who might benefit from additional support.

· A two-hour, in-person training session with school SENCOs

· A one-hour, online training session with all staff

· Year 1 teachers and SENCOs working together to complete the EDST for all pupils in their class (taking approximately 2 hours for the whole class).

· Inviting parents in to discuss the school knowledge of the child (thinking about their strengths and difficulties both at home and in school)

· A one-hour focus group with teachers during the summer term

· A one-hour focus group with SENCOs during the summer term

50 schools across Bradford

Email [email protected] with the subject line “EDST”

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