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Connected Bradford: Data 1

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the large numbers of vulnerable children ‘under the radar’ of organisations with safeguarding responsibilities as a result of a fragmented system. The unavailability of connected information made coordinating a multi-agency response extremely difficult despite the same families requiring support from multiple organisations.

Digitally Acting Together As One (DATA 1) aims to allow the creation of data tools that can improve service delivery across different providers including health, education and social care using linked datasets within the Connected Bradford database. These tools would empower policymakers, communities, and practitioners to tackle the numerous problems that currently plague our society. Our strategy is to focus on the creation of one tool within a single geographical locality (the District of Bradford) that can clear the queue of children on waiting lists for autism assessment, allow earlier identification of undiagnosed autism, and enable children with autism to receive multi-agency support as soon as their needs are recognised. By focusing on the creation of one tool for autism treatment, the fundamental system architecture and data warehouses are created which can then be applied to the rapid creation of other data tools for a range of childhood vulnerabilities.

These tools will: (i) allow early identification of need (ii) enable frontline practitioners to organise efficient and effective multi-agency responses to people in need. The creation of a ‘gold standard’ data tool would transform public service delivery, and improve the support offered to hundreds of thousands of people.

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Dr. Megan Wood

Bradford Institute for Health Research - Research Data Quality Analyst

Avatar Image for Kuldeep Sohal

Kuldeep Sohal

Bradford Institute for Health Research - Programme Manager- Connected Bradford

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Ava Green

Bradford District Care Trust - Head of Autism

Avatar Image for Sam Relins

Sam Relins

Bradford Institute for Health Research - Research Fellow

Avatar Image for Rob Shore

Rob Shore

City Of Bradford Metropolitan District Council - Research Support

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