Neurodiversity Profile

What is the problem?

As with most districts, Bradford families experience long waits for a diagnoses of Autism, ADHD and other neurodevelopmental conditions. This often leaves families feeling unsupported and increases pressure on them. Even when the assessment is concluded, many families report feeling unsupported at home and in school.

What did we do?

Together as a district we are trying to resolve this by increasing the support and help available to families from an early stage, both with and without a diagnosis. We are adopting a strengths based Neurodiversity approach that views differences such as autism, ADHD and Developmental Coordination Disorder as natural and normal variations of human life rather than deficits.

As part of this, organisations will be expected to undertake training and put in place strategies to make the lives of neurodiverse people and their families better. In schools, this will involve whole school training on neurodiversity and what needs to be put in place for them to become ND Friendly. Neurodiverse children and young people will flourish in a more understanding and accepting environment and when they or their families require further help and advice, this will be readily available through school based neurodiversity profile.

What are the implications for policy / practice?

The neurodiversity profile brings together advice and guidance from specialists across health and education to ensure that help is offered when it is most needed for children and young people. Working in this way we hope that children will achieve their best and grow into confident and assured young adults

Stage of Research

All CAER research follows an ‘education translation pipeline’  to ensure that promising scientific research is translated rapidly but safely into policy, identifying important contextual factors for effective implementation, and allowing the best possible evidence to underpin decision-making.

Meet the Team

Dr Ruth Dennis

Diane Daley

Julia Elliot

Ava Boxer

Ruth Shaw

Dr Lucy Eddy

Dr Mai Elshehaly