Autism spectrum conditions (ASC) occur in approximately 1.5% of the population. People with ASC experience the world very differently. They are drawn less to social experiences and more likely to be interested in facts, routines, patterns and details in the environment. Many struggle greatly in a world dominated by social interactions. Parenting and teaching can present greater challenges when helping them reach their potential.
Identifying ASC early is important because children and parents/carers can receive help early and they can be educated in places trained to support them. Our work aims at exploring this.
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Specific Projects

Exploring access to assessments

To date we have studied children with and without ASC in the Born in Bradford research family and shown that children with ASC are more likely to be diagnosed late if they come from a family experiencing significant financial challenges and also South Asian families. This suggests inequity in access to assessment and we are attempting to explore the reasons for this.

Testing the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) profile as a screening pathway

We have found that the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) scores given by teachers at the end of reception year identifies many children with neurodevelopmental problems including ASC. We are now carrying out a study in ten primary schools to test whether the EYFSP can be used in a screening process that will help identify children early in their school life, particularly those at risk of late diagnosis.
More information about this project can be found on the participant information sheet.

Research outputs

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Meet the team

Professor Barry Wright

Action Project Leader and Professor

Kuldeep Sohal

Programme Manager

Dr David Sims

Medical Director

Dr Claudia Salt

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Cathy Hulin

Research Support Officer

Dr Brian Kelly

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Sara Manoor

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr Konstantopolou Kalliopi

Specialist Trainee

Natalie Langley

Assistant Educational Psychologist

Shelley Russell

Autism Transition Co-Ordinator

Dr Emily Williams

Specialist Trainee

Dr Geoff Morgan

Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist

Halimah Hafiz

Assistant Psychologist

Nabihah Kauser

Assistant Psychologist

Rachael Vann

Rachael Vann

Neurodevelopmental Team Manager

Sarah Gates

Sarah Gates

Senior Specialist Teacher

Ronnie Hartley

Ronnie Hartley

Head of the High Incidence Team

Prakash Thapa

Prakash Thapa

Core Trainee

Dr Alice Lambert

Dr Alice Lambert


Dr Sue Lee

Associate Clinical Psychologist